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Meet Me!

Sara LaMothe was born in NYC and attributes her artistic talents to her multi-cultural upbringing which includes a Haitian, Puerto Rican and Irish trio of parents. Creative talent came naturally to Sara when by age seven she started creating abstract art using a single generic architecture's template and colored pencils.


Utilizing basic household objects for outlines, along with a variety of templated shapes, her artwork illustrates designs from whimsical to chaotic cohesion. Her primary tools include Prismacolor markers and soft Castle colored pencils.


Sara's personal goal and belief is to spread color and positivity worldwide because, color can change the world. She has taken a small step in this endeavor by setting a goal to donate unique artwork to a random children's hospital, one per state, starting with the A's. Past kids art can be viewed on her website.


Sara has successfully created 20-plus custom designs based on the person's choice of colors and personal theme. She interpreted the information and created a special piece which was sent to the collector along with her PayPal asking to be paid what they felt the art was worth to them.


As a past member of the local artist's group, Common Folk in North Adams MA, Sara has shown her art twice as part of the 'Bless The Space Between Us' exhibit, featuring artists touched by addiction in some manner. She was also featured in Jaamzin Creative as an 'Artist of the Day' in the June 24th edition, and as part of the special 'Artists reflecting on the Coronavirus' edition, March 23, 2020. Her most recent feature can be found in the 10th anniversary edition of Artist Portfolio Magazine which was published May 2020.

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Looking for a way to support my art w/out a purchase? You can leave me a 'tip' equivalent to a cup o' joe via my Ko-fi page!

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